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About us


PitchSee has been designed at the request of global investors to enable faster realization of projects. This is the place to start your business journey.

Pitchers (investment seekers) present their projects in the form of 120 sec. video-pitch. On the other hand, investors get an online catalogue of straight-to-the-point investment opportunities. Once they find each other, they can connect and communicate directly.

We are closing this cycle with a higher purpose; PitchSee offers non-profit organizations a free-of-charge opportunity to present and collect direct donations.

A young and passionate team

with a mission to encourage creative minds to realize their dreams.

TV shows like Shark Tank, Dragons'Den, Die Höhle der Löwen have shown that just a few minutes are more than enough to connect projects with investors.

Most investors want exactly that: short, straight to the point, interesting presentation of a passionate founder with whom he can connect instantly. Numerous incubators and startup up companies in various stages have confirmed the same. And so, PitchSee is born!

Our professional background gave us the opportunity to understand both sides, the one whose funds stand unutilized and the other one where too many dreams are wasted. We went through a complex journey in creating this project because there is no reason for not connecting those who belong together. We connect investors and investment seekers from all around the world, emphasizing passion as the X factor in creating successful relations.


it is time for a change

The world has become too cold, so let's connect and make the necessary improvements together!

  • Too many great projects fail to make a breakthrough because they cannot get the necessary funding.
  • Too many humanitarian organizations are shutting down because they cannot get a support.
  • At the same time, funds stand mostly unutilized.

In short - lost solution, lost time and lost money! PitchSee has an ultimate purpose, to make the world better place in the long run. Join us and be a part of the game-changing generation!


global reach

PitchSee is born in a small beautiful Croatia but our reach is global. You are welcome to visit us...


* PitchSee uses publicly known data for exploring displayed information. The results are based on PitchSee's best knowledge and discretion and are subject to changes.

Launch date fall 2012.